Privacy Policy

Last updated: 2022-12-30

Name and email address

Your name and email address are displayed to the receipients of any email messages you send.

Phone number

Your phone number is private information that cannot be accessed by other users, and we will not share with third parties. It may be used to provide support or request feedback on the service, but it will not be used for marketing purposes. The primary way we use your phone number is sending SMS verification codes to it when you want to sign in.

Email Messages

We may review a small number of email messages sent to and received by your account in order to ensure that your account is not being used in ways that violate our policies, and to improve and evaluate the effectiveness of the service's message filtering to improve the experience of our users. We may also personalize the interface for you based on who you receive messages from and their contents (for example, we might only suggest you join our Discord server if you've received email notifications from them), but we do not share this information with third parties.

Information uploaded from your device

Our service doesn't collect more information than necessary to provide you with a great product, so we don't request access to any information such as your phone's contacts or location.

Message unread status

We monitor what conversations and messages you read so we can show those little dots next to them.

Data collected by email senders

Email content is often sent in HTML form, which is similar to how websites work. This means there are some methods often used by entites that send you email which can be used to collect information about you, just like on a website, such as what country you're in and if you viewed the email. This information is only sent when you open their emails, and we're working on ways to reduce the information they can obtain, but it doesn't go through our servers and we don't take any responsibility for it, in the same way that data collected by a website is not the responsibility of the app you used to view that site. Please review their privacy policies to learn about data they collect.

Data collected about email senders

If someone sends us an email, we will store their name, email address and their message for basic functionality.

Legal responsibility

We will share your data with law enforcement if we are required to, or if we believe you are using our service to engage in unlawful activity.

Data requests

You can contact us to request an export of all the data we have about you, or you can request that we delete it all. Some data will not be deleted upon request unless legally required for security purposes, such as login information about blocked accounts to prevent the owner creating new accounts in the future.

Contact us

If you have any queries, feel free to reach out to and we'll try to get back to you quickly :)